Thursday, 13 November 2014

Future of Sanatan Dharm in the face of Islamic views

First of all I will mention the cause for this post. I want to make it very clear that this post is pro-Hindu, but, NOT anti Islamic. If anyone has doubts or objections, please post in comments and I shall definitely respond.

Islamic view of the world:

The world is divided into three regions: Dar-al-Islam, Dar-al-Harap and Dar-al-Aman.
Dar-al-Islam is the place where Islam is absolutely in power and majority. A similar term exists in the Pak-Qoran, Dar-al-Salam which means Paradise.
Dar-al-Harap is the place where Islamic community is in sizeable minority, but, the majority is not united. The strategy is to usurp property and convert this place to Dar-al-Islam.
Dar-al-Aman is where Islamic community is in minority and majority is united. The strategy is to submit and co-operate and wait for paradise (Dar-al-Islam).

Hindus in this Scenario:

In India, we live in what Islam calls Dar-al-Harap. So, should we blame the Muslims for any activity of Islamic extremism? I cannot agree. Ours is a situation of our own creation. We are divided. Literally. With over 36 crore gods and godesses we do not have a common cause. Have you ever noticed, that, during 'Azan' every Muslim faces the correct direction to pray? They are united. They have a common cause and they do not ask questions. They may have a backward mentality in this regard, but, the fact is they are united against all outsiders.
We Hindus on the other hand have corrupted our religion to the point of incorrigible. So many castes, so many gods, do we even know each other? Swami Vivekanand once said, go back to the Vedas

May peace be.

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