Friday, 30 October 2015

Move On

i tried again, to move the rock,
that life had placed ahead;
thrust aside, i was mocked,
reduced to win just bread;

fame, no glory, loft nay,
i looked for a purpose;
pushed down, cast away,
dreams became a yonder buzz;

i got up, i dust myself again
prepared to fight for new dawn;
even if cometh all bane,
i will not falter to move on....

Friday, 17 April 2015

Life, work, search of purpose...

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate. My job is something that some 10,00,000 strong engineering graduates all over India do right out of their college. The problem is we as Indians have proven our might as cheap and effective technology labour (with our national leaders focusing on making more “workforce” for the world). It is overall good for the country. It is one of the biggest source of revenue for our country, our biggest export after crude material. It provides for jobs and livelihood to so many. And ofcourse it doesn’t let our professional education go waste. So, it is great. Period.
Or is it?
With a country like ours which is essentially 5 or 6 thousands of years old in its heritage and culture, but, roughly only 70 years of being independent and self-governed, we are behind time. Seriously.
Our country is credited to have given the world the decimal number system’s greatest asset, the zero and also introducing surgery (sorry I don’t have any official source for either, it is mostly “let-me-tell-you-a-story”), but, then we bailed out. Our country is not credited with any revolutionary invention or innovation (save the Radio Communication, which Marcony got credit for instead of J. C. Bose). We have not yet been able to produce a product that has changed the world.
Yes, product.
Much of the country’s budget depends on maintaining a balance between imports and exports and a country actually becomes developed if it has successfully surpassed the exports over the imports. We have unfortunately become a country of consumers. Our imports far exceed our exports and we barely export any engineered product (only exception being petro-products like engine oils etc.).
Let me focus on my sector. As if it was mine.
Our country as I have mentioned earlier, has made a name for its IT expertise, and yet we do not have a single software company that releases any major software product. One might argue that tally is an exception, but, then tally is not something you would gift your child on next deepawali.
So, what is it? Are we not competitive enough? Are we not able?
To answer these questions, one has to go back to beginning. Literally; read the first line of this post.
Most of us may actually be quite energetic and dreamy, looking for lofty purposes in life, but the purposelessness imposed on us in the form of the job (we actually are rubbing our posterior anatomy off, for the sake of building another country) makes us non-believers. We lose our faith that something grand can actually be achieved. Those of whom that are not tainted, either find their way out of the country or become non-technical money earners (to not offend that community of high level corporate bureaucracy, I am not naming them!). This results in loss of knowledge and ability to achieve feats of technology. We turn into bozos. May be someone will break out of the mold. May be someone will show us the way. We are but cattle. Ready to be herded. Period.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Future of Sanatan Dharm in the face of Islamic views

First of all I will mention the cause for this post. I want to make it very clear that this post is pro-Hindu, but, NOT anti Islamic. If anyone has doubts or objections, please post in comments and I shall definitely respond.

Islamic view of the world:

The world is divided into three regions: Dar-al-Islam, Dar-al-Harap and Dar-al-Aman.
Dar-al-Islam is the place where Islam is absolutely in power and majority. A similar term exists in the Pak-Qoran, Dar-al-Salam which means Paradise.
Dar-al-Harap is the place where Islamic community is in sizeable minority, but, the majority is not united. The strategy is to usurp property and convert this place to Dar-al-Islam.
Dar-al-Aman is where Islamic community is in minority and majority is united. The strategy is to submit and co-operate and wait for paradise (Dar-al-Islam).

Hindus in this Scenario:

In India, we live in what Islam calls Dar-al-Harap. So, should we blame the Muslims for any activity of Islamic extremism? I cannot agree. Ours is a situation of our own creation. We are divided. Literally. With over 36 crore gods and godesses we do not have a common cause. Have you ever noticed, that, during 'Azan' every Muslim faces the correct direction to pray? They are united. They have a common cause and they do not ask questions. They may have a backward mentality in this regard, but, the fact is they are united against all outsiders.
We Hindus on the other hand have corrupted our religion to the point of incorrigible. So many castes, so many gods, do we even know each other? Swami Vivekanand once said, go back to the Vedas

May peace be.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Does Indian Education System Need A Change ?

The education policy of India is to filter out the best from the rest. This has its merits as well as demerits. The top rank holders are further trained to excel and master some aspect of their field. This is theoretically good, but, as is evident hasn't quite worked out. According to stats, the erudite are leaving the country in search of higher salaries or better facilities. There are many who have made a global mark after they left the country behind. A recent example could be Mr. Satya Nadela. One may also consider Mr. Ajay Bhatt the co-inventor of USB technology.

The policy itself is not flawed, the elite were supposed to learn at a higher level and apply their knowledge to improve the status of society at various levels. Initially this may have been the case, but, media-hype and an urge to pretend to be extraordinary led our savants astray. Instead of staying back and getting their hands and feet dirty, they took the foreign route. However the fault is not entirely of these individuals. When a child is admitted in a school in India in most cases parents tend to cease taking interest in the learning process of their children. The child is supposed to score marks and pass all exams. The focus is not on developing a life long nature of learning and implementing. Children are not interested in mediocrity of school life, they want things to be magical. Alphabets form words and words form sentences which in turn form the wonderful rhymes. Children love to enjoy. The current pedagogy throws them in a race.

By the time the child reaches college level (XI and XII in India), its choice of higher studies is biased by what parents, relatives, elders round the block want or have chosen. After somehow getting past this stage the under-runners have to face the embarrassment of not being able to qualify the prestigious national competitive exams, which, their schools did not prepare them for. The sense of mediocrity and inferiority remains stuck in their minds. The toppers on the other hand, have a sense of accomplishment and blooming confidence which helps them advance in their careers. An average IITian (best engineers in India) then seeks a job in some multinational company and eventually leaves country.

The question, however, still remains unanswered that why won't they stay in their home country. There are numerous factors the most important being the socio-economic one where parents and teachers encourage fresh graduates to prove their mettle in foreign countries and "earn accolades" offshore. Then there are the political reasons, MBA grads from IIMs (bests in India) have to undergo a harrowing experience if they try to setup their own companies with political and anti-social elements seeking undue shares in profits. The grad rather decides to pursue dreams in foreign lands. The competition which shaped the entire life of the child since school through graduation eventually fails to deliver the gem the country needs. The policies, the pedagogy, the entire model of teaching needs to be refurbished from scratch.

The key elements of derogatory impact of present system on the minds of the child are: peer pressure, feeling of failure, being evaluated for worth and judged. On one hand unless we have tests and exams we cannot ourselves be certain that the young ones have learned what we taught, on the other, the above factors take over. In my opinion remote learning via networking is a far better option where one has deadlines, homeworks and exams, but, need not compare with others. Human teachers are indispensable, but, they will remain as guides and not evaluators. At a higher level, parents and elders must encourage the idea of serving the country with the power of knowledge instead of merely contemplating better employment.

In old tribal days, when a child was born, not only the parents, but also the entire tribe made it point to teach the child and carve a winner out of it. The child was taught to live and die for the tribe. That hasn't changed even to this day, it is just that the tribe has grown bigger in size. One day, not yet, the tribe shall span the entire world, is all that we can hope, but, till then we must not reject the residuum but make that extra effort to carve winners. Unless we believe that our country is a better place, we will not begin to make it so.

Monday, 31 December 2012

May "Nirbhaya's" soul rest in Peace

बहुत कुछ कहा जा चुका है "दामिनी" के बारे में।  हमने ऐसे कानून बनाये हैं जो मासूमो के बजाये अपराधियों का बचाव करती है। हमारे देश में एक नारी की अस्मत की कीमत बस कुछ हज़ार रुपये एवं कुछ साल ही होते हैं। ऐसा मै नहीं भारत का कानून  कहता है। भारतीय दंड संहिता के अनुसार एक बलात्कारी को मात्र कुछ  हज़ार तक का जुरमाना एवं  सात से दस साल तक की कैद ही होती है।

But, think of the agony that a woman has to go through during the entire life wrecking experience. And trust me, her soul dies even if the woman herself remains alive. And that is the price of a woman according to our society and its laws.

According to the legal procedures that actually happen (let me inform you, the law in letter says otherwise), the victim is forced to recite the painful and shameful incident again and again to various officials involved in the investigation and justice procedure. What kind of justice is this? The woman is already broken, but, the law breaks her further.

Instead of making the accused prove his innocence, the victim is forced to prove that rape has actually happened. The victim has to undergo a physically penetrative test (by mostly a male doctor, think what the woman has to go through). The entire procedure is rotten. The woman has to prove that she is of "right character", she has actually been "raped", has to recite it in front of many unknown males and all this if the police lodge the FIR at the first place.

The women are mostly threatened by the rich culprit to keep quiet and in this the police also help the accused. The recent suicide of a victim in Punjab is a sordid example of this 
(Punjab: Girl commits suicide a month after being gangraped Punjab, Updated Dec 27, 2012 at 07:03pm IST). 
The politicians are playing with laws and they neither try to bring in the strict laws nor they force the police to act with moral and legal responsibilities. The reason ? They themselves are rapists.

We need to change the law book seriously.  The need is urgent.

People and all citizens of INDIA are requested to  send their decisions and suggestions to ex-CJI of India for his committee that will be presenting the report for the DAMINI case.

mail your suggestions to:

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

School Life: Days at School...

I was born, with an ambition to make a name,
and my parents wanted me to do the same;

I was admitted to a school, where, I have till now spent a part of life,
Those days and their memories, I will try to describe;

The first day when I reached the school, I wept,
It was because of the feeling of loneliness, in me that had crept;

All these years, some or the other led me the way,
My teachers, I must say;

I have had many friends all through,
But, the days have passed as if they flew;

Once, I had had a tiff, a bitter one and tensions got dense,
I said sorry to him and we are friends ever since;

I made many mistakes and am still learning from them,
The experience I have attained could be weighed by the most precious gems;

I have never been a good player I don't think I am game,
But, then, I was born with an ambition to make a name...

- Bane Havoc            

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hope and People

You don't owe any more to this city... you have given it everything...
 Not everything, not yet

(The Dark Knight Rises)

How many people do we have in this world who would simply give everything they have merely to see others happy and content? Not many. 
Next I will ask the obvious question, what is hope?

Is it the wish of a student, being unprepared for his exams, to pass his exams with good grades? Or, is it the belief of the patient that he will be cured by merely visiting the doctor?

Neither of these. Hope is something, it is said, unique to the very fabric  of the human nature. We put half of our best effort and "hope" that the most optimum result would be produced. We believe that there is somewhere some supreme being who looks after us. Who cares for us and would not leave us in an abyss. Hope allows us to cope up with the pressures of our day-to-day life and continue to exist.

Whatever one might say about hope, one aspect is pretty clear; we live by hope. Hope of a better life. It is argued by the non-believers that people try to prove the existence of alien beings that have superior knowledge than us merely to thwart that inevitable feeling of being left alone. Consider for example, that clerk you last saw in the electricity department when you last went to pay your bills. He might be churning in big amounts of money, but, definitely he never wanted to be there. He must have while in school dreamed of a life with more grandeur, luxury and respect. He did not or could not get that part of the gamble of life. Still he survives. Lives. Is it that he is content with his life? Or is it that he come to believe that this is how real life is?
No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.
                                                                                    -George Chakiris

No, the fact is, he has hope. Hope that "something" will happen and change his life altogether. Make an overnight overhaul in his lifestyle. This is how hope allows a man in general to persist. 

Still I would say that there is another flip side of hope. The hope of improvement is not always an objective, materialistic view. It is often about someone. About some "Hero". We all want a hero to exist in our lives who would pull us out of our darkness and agony. As is rightly quoted:
A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended. 
 Men fail to understand the true nature of hope. We all need heroes in our lives. We stand in lines to just catch a glimpse of a movie actor. Why? Because he is a hero. He braves all odds and wins in the end. Finds the best life in the end. Gets the girl of his dream. We are fascinated by his success against obvious discomforts and obstructions. It is rightly said:

there can be no true despair without hope
 When we lose hope we lose our life or atleast the will to live. Had there been no despair in our life, there would be no need to hope for anything better. Life would become stagnant and we would cease to live. 

We need a hero and we need hope.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Colours : A vivid thought for the joy laden...

          The intermix of colours, their entwining nature, cradling to beget a new form to rise up above the horizon of folklore and become the ecstasy of the elite, that are selected by their unique love for the vibrant, vivid beauty of world---

       In the ethereal existence of the vivacious sparkle, called life, often enough the diminutive lifeless compounds called colours, fill the missing blanks so as to paint the entire picture, the canvas being the individual's own retributions for the forsaken and listless world...

          the painter uses these colours to ride the wings of the unicorn of his imagination, to sway forth into the unfortold expanses of wisdom, forsight and anticipation... he fortifies his own calibrated picture of the joy of world, as, unseen by the yet unawakened general mortals.... he is an artist...

         pristine in his methods.... glorified in his vision.. obscure to the world and may be living in oblivion yet he is not dismayed by the apathy of the mortals.... he has the conjunctive medicine for his disease, ration for his daily survival, the need for sheer existence... he has the very meaning of matter.... vision.... sensibilities.... he has Colours 

Friday, 3 August 2012

Life and Death

The fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.  ~Mark Twain

We often believe that we are born in a world full of opportunities, new heights to scale, new places to conquer. We are thrown in our own happy world and are happy in it. What we are generally not aware is that we are wearing away our time. Have you watched the movie "In Time" ? Yes, we all have a stopwatch on our lives. It ticks. Backwards. Our time on earth is counted. We do not live forever. None of us.
We live in illusions and think of "living life king size". How naive are our thoughts. How hollow our purpose; or must I say lack of purpose? We live simply for the sake of living. We live each day with the sole purpose that our next day be better.

There is a quotation:
All our knowledge merely helps us to die a more painful death than animals that know nothing.  ~Maurice Maeterlinck

Yes I believe that life is a stake one has to put up with to earn a peaceful death. Maurice's saying is rather contradictory one might say. He says knowledge leads to a painful death. Maybe true. However I cannot vouch for that. It depends upon what you did with your life and your knowledge. You are supposed to use your knowledge to earn a peaceful death. If all you did in your life was to run after money, riches, lust and other material luxuries and novelties then perhaps you will die an unhappy death. Or, when, you craved for each one of these and found none maybe then you will not find peace.

I recently lost someone who was directly linked to my earliest childhood memories. I was an infant and he was one of my playmates. A child usually remembers all love and affection showered on him or her. So do I. He supposedly suffered of Alzheimer's disease. He barely recognized his own kith and kin when he neared his death. Maybe he did not feel as much pain as by them who survive him. I pray to the almighty that so be the case. 

May his soul rest in peace and his memories be immortal.

Watching a peaceful death of a human being reminds us of a falling star; one of a million lights in a vast sky that flares up for a brief moment only to disappear into the endless night forever.  ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

All quotations from : 

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New poem by bane

An ode to parting frnds:

I walked alone on a path I tread
I met some women and men when life made me frayed

A word, a poke, a slap, a look
the strains of life and pain it took

I began to cherish the luxury of friends
never thought a parting, the heart it rends

Felt a parting would not be hard
wrong that I was, it hurt, inward

To lose a friend is to be born anew
when thou know not the world and view

I miss you my friends and all
barriers won't divide us nor would walls

Count me when thou count thy souls
bane of mortals shall only void my roles

Fear nay the known nor the unknown
the shield of your people's love you've always worn

May success be be thine... never you frown
The jewel of glory your name shalt it crown... !!

--- bane havoc (missing friends)