Friday, 17 February 2012

What is thy aim ?

The world doesn’t know who you are underneath; it’s what you do that defines you
-          Batman
I was asked by a teacher what my objectives for my life are. I simply replied: “I want to innovate in a new software system.” To this he replied: “will the completion of this objective give you ultimate satisfaction? Will this suffice all your wants?” It is true that I didn’t have an answer to this question. Then I thought, after much musing, does any one of us have an objective? A purpose? The ancient sages told us to meditate, to introspect and find the purpose of the gift that the lord almighty has given us. It took years, to know it. When one stumbled upon this truth, he was considered to be enlightened. What or how then we, young men, who haven’t had much experience of this world, could possibly know the purpose? Again what is this purpose? One of my dearest friend said that our aim should be to strive for knowledge and be of service to mankind in general.
Now comes the big question, in the real world scenario, is such mentality feasible? In a country where to earn food is one of the most difficult task, is there any time or health for others? Do we care for others, for philosophy? For values? No. We all will be too busy earning our own livelihood. I will know a technique and my peer will know one more. I will be busy taking on him so that I get beyond him in career. I will be hungry for money, respect and superiority. I know I will be not the best of the citizen; I will pay bribes to get my work done. I will walk along the set lines of fanciful and immoral conduct, and become a legal trickster. Objective whoever talked of that? I will be alive.
I think it will be almost impossible to be the idealist that we think of, if ever we do think of it. At the end I know I will hate myself for being what I would become in life. Considering these thoughts all I would say in the end is this: “whatever or however I live my life, I will die a respectful death.”
May all those who are aimless find a purpose in life. Read the first line now. Again, carefully.