Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New poem by bane

An ode to parting frnds:

I walked alone on a path I tread
I met some women and men when life made me frayed

A word, a poke, a slap, a look
the strains of life and pain it took

I began to cherish the luxury of friends
never thought a parting, the heart it rends

Felt a parting would not be hard
wrong that I was, it hurt, inward

To lose a friend is to be born anew
when thou know not the world and view

I miss you my friends and all
barriers won't divide us nor would walls

Count me when thou count thy souls
bane of mortals shall only void my roles

Fear nay the known nor the unknown
the shield of your people's love you've always worn

May success be be thine... never you frown
The jewel of glory your name shalt it crown... !!

--- bane havoc (missing friends)

1 comment:

  1. Your style seems to be couplet but you need to improve upon the rhyming and length of sentences... try harder you will definitely improve