Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Misguided Youth of India

I would like to start my conversation by stating that Indian youth is misguided, according to me. What I observe is that the young gen of India believes in living life "king size" without actually taking the pains to earn the means. They would rather spend their parents' hard earned money just to maintain a status among the peers. Also, our education system has entirely failed to harness the full potential of Indian youth that count to more millions than any other country.

 Apart from other anomalies, the education system has failed to make the youth imbibe the feelings of national servitude and unity. We don't work as a team, but, rather try to slit throats of our own people.

 We do not innovate... we simply copy the west... in attire and also in culture... The youth is misguided.


  1. ya....and their parents are their helping hands in misguiding them !

  2. True as the parents of this generation thinks providence at material level is all that is there for them to do...
    they skip the shaping of character and mind!

  3. every youth is made to believe that the mere degree will fetch him high package post. it starts from childhood on wards. life is not honey coated. but they grow under honey coated treatment in house and school. the reality of life is hidden. it is lack of intellectualism and intuitive nature. if same trend continues, india may have illiterate graduates.

    1. @yuddandisivasubramanyam, kindly also read my post on Indian Education: