Monday, 30 January 2012

Vote with Brains

Indian Election

As our general elections have approached, we have definitely decided to vote, haven't we? However, are the candidates contesting the elections are worth our votes?
Consider this: our present government has barred four senior scientists of ISRO from government jobs. His guilt? 
The action comes in the wake of the controversial deal in which a private company was allotted scarce S band spectrum by ISRO allegedly in violation of rules. The contract with Devas was signed during the tenure of Mr. Nair as the chairman of ISRO.
"We are citizens of India, residing in India, we have cell (mobile phone) connection and email connection, we have postal address and every thing is there. Actually, we have not hijacked an aeroplane or something so that between hijackers and the agency there will be dialogue and what not", Nair said.
Now, the esteemed ministers who have similar charges on their heads not only roam about with their heads held high but also hold their offices. Why is it that our scientists are being treated like criminals? Vote for those who are worthy of your choice...

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