Friday, 3 February 2012

Promote Indianism !

                 I have been told time and again..."Anurag, why don't you wear a jeans and a nice shirt instead of those loose and hanging clothes? You look so morosely old fashioned....".
                This insistence of my friends has made me think about the fate of Indian culture. We are one of the oldest civilization in this world. 5000 thousand years and on. We have a dress sense that is old and time tested. However, the young Indians do not seem to be much interested in the history rather they want some toung-in-cheek type hype to be created when they wear anything.
                It all happens because the young guns grow up watching the idlers (read movie actors) wearing all those fashionable clothes besides the fact that the MNC's that provide bread and butter to these young guns when they grow up is the incentive for them to wear fancy clothes.
                A girl once told me she wears jeans and tops because she is more comfortable in them for her day to day chores rather than salwar-kamez which I had suggested her to wear. Now, as for her day to day chores, I don't really think jeans-top does her any good. Never mind, the other fact that they do not want to look odd amidst their peers.

               Now, such attitude can be changed only if we are our own bread producers. The west controls us financially. We have to break free of such bondage and make our own empires that do not profusely depend on western help. Only then can we regain the respect for Hindi and Indian attire back in the hearts of our young Indians.


  1. Hey Banerjee...I totally agree with you on this...but it's like moving on with the World...m nt opposing your point here but just the fact that just wearing fancy clothes won't decrease the love for one's country...
    BTW...very well expressed...the topic you chose was awesome...loved it...(:
    This is the link for the Haiku's Challenge...Do check it out...(: